Free BBBEE Affidavit

Free BBBEE Affidavit for Exempted Micro Enterprises

Free BBBEE affidavit download it right here! Complete the attached free BBBEE Affidavit and sign in front of a Commissioner of Oaths.

Do I need a free BBBEE Affidavitor BBBEE Certificate?

A business with a turnover of less than R10 million do not require a BBBEE Certificate.

Download the attached free BBBEE affidavit, complete it and sign it in front of a Commissioner of Oaths. The Commissioner of Oaths must then sign and stamp your affidavit in order to make the document valid.

The Affidavit together with a Commissioner of Oaths stamp on it, serves as a BBBEE certificate and there is no other verification requirement for Exempted Micro Enterprises.

The affidavit is valid for a period of 12 months or one year from being signed and stamped by the Commissioner of Oaths.

Special Offer! Get a Tax Clearance for only R400

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The South African Revenue Service issue a tax clearance after all business tax affairs are in good standing.

This implies that the company submit all the required tax returns all the outstanding taxes.

Dormant companies

    • Most dormant companies are only registered for income tax purposes.
    • That is why their outstanding tax returns only consist of income tax returns and provisional tax return.
    • Dormant companies must submit all outstanding tax returns although no trading took place.

Trading companies

    • For SARS to issue a tax clearance, submit all required company tax returns and pay all outstanding taxes.

How to complete a company tax return:

    • The company financial records consists of bank statements, sales and purchase invoices, schedules and certificates.
    • Qualified accountants summarize the financial records and compile financial statements.
    • Thereafter, we complete the company tax return from the information in the financial statements.
    • Then SARS issues an assessment from the information the company declare in the tax return.

Ensure that all the tax returns for the tax types the company is registered for, such as payroll and vat, are filed up to date and taxes paid in full.

Please take note that we charge separately for additional accounting work. The following are examples of additional accounting work:

    • Calculation of the company’s vat liability.
    • Completing and filing of outstanding vat returns.
    • Compiling salary schedules.
    • Completing and filing of payroll tax returns and reconciliations.
    • Writing up of cashbooks and making summaries to complete the financial statements.
    • Compiling of financial statements
    • Filing of company tax returns from financial statements

We will quote beforehand what is needed to complete all the necessary tax returns and bring your company to good standing.