Personal and Business Tax Services

Submission of tax returns on SARS e-filing. We have over 15 years experience with SARS delivering tax services to individuals and businesses alike. Email your supporting documentation or we can arrange for a meeting.

Personal tax services:

  • Calculation of tax liability or refund
  • Submission of tax return
  • Evaluation of assessment
  • Submission of an objection if necessary
  • Provisional tax

SARS audits:

Out of pocket medical claims, logbooks, rental income and certain refunds will trigger an audit. All supporting documentation and proof of payment for the expenses must be on hand. That is why we require all supporting documents before we submit your tax return. We will submit the supporting documents to SARS on your behalf and keep you updated of the outcome of the audit.

Basic tax return:

  • IRP5
  • Medical aid certificate
  • Annuity contribution certificate
  • Interest received IT3b certificate
  • Capital gains tax IT3c certificate

Medical out of pocket:

  • SARS requires invoice/prescription plus proof of payment

Travel allowance logbook:

  • Logbook
  • Year, brand, model (2017 BMW 320d)
  • Purchase date and price (Finance statement or invoice)
  • Vehicle registration number

Property rental:

  • Rent received (Rental contracts or agent statement; both is best)
  • Bond statements
  • Levy statement
  • Rates (All statements)
  • Maintenance (Invoice and proof of payment)
  • Insurance (Policy schedule)
  • Agent commission (Statement)